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17th April 2014


Protos Eyewear

This company is filling a really interesting space: completely custom tailored eyewear.  It seems that companies are working more and more to make every consumer item specialized for each individual user.  The sizing process is very simple and on their website you can see the entire process. From there they create your design specifically for your face and lifestyle.  Then a 3D printer makes your glasses as one of a kinds.  The crowd funding system seems to show this as a very popular idea as we all demand more unique products.

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16th April 2014



This app is a great example of a small change to a well known product to create something special.  It is a map just like any other of the many out there but it capitalizes on the many others using the app to give you information about your routes.  It is a brilliant change to a standard idea.  Google has shown it’s faith in Waze’s ways by putting 1.15 Billion dollars behind the company last year.

Read more about the current moves from this company here.

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15th April 2014


Google Glass

For today only become one of the first owners of Google Glass for only $1500.  There are a variety of different styles and colors.  They even have Glass attached to stylish glasses for those of us with bad eyes.  Get it now and become a part of the next technological revolution.

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18th March 2014

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My Social Book

This ad popped up on my Facebook and I was immediately intrigued.  The website is incredibly easy to use and gives you looks into your book almost instantly.  This was a ton of fun and even though it carries a pretty hefty price tag I could see this idea catching fire pretty quickly.  Create your own to take a look.

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23rd February 2014



I saw my first Prezi presentation and was immediately floored by how beautiful it was.  I couldn’t believe just how dynamic even the most routine information could be when it was delivered through Prezi.  Power Point and presentations have become so common that it bores people before you have even started.  Your subscription starts with a free month before you start a limited fee for their services.

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22nd February 2014


Mind Meister

This is a really cool system that helps you with brain mapping.  I wasn’t sure what that was but it seems like a really helpful tool.  There is a lot to be said for a tool that will help you get all your thoughts out on paper really easily.  For a small fee you can collaborate on all manner of projects.  They also have a free month when you first sign up so get it while you can.

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17th February 2014


Woodford Reserve

As you start a business it is important to get involved with the finer things.  It is time to realize just how much life has to offer and to take advantage of those things.  There is a reason you are working so hard and looking toward the less traveled road.  You want to make the better parts of the world yours and this is a good time to start.  This video is a great walk through the process of making a beautiful bourbon for Woodford Reserve.  Try it and taste why it is so important to keep working.

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9th February 2014


Angel List

This is a great introductory video for Angle List which allows you to do two things that our readers might find interesting.  First, it allows you to put your business on there to grab funding from a variety of sources.  Secondly, it allows you to invest small amounts and you can follow other’s investments.  For instance you can join Tim Ferris and invest alongside him.  This story of Naval is also very inspiring.

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8th February 2014


The Random Show

This is a really interesting discussion from Tim Ferris and his friend Kevin Rose.  they just sit down and discuss their plans for the new year.  There is a lot of information in here so take it for what it is worth.  This is the type of lifestyle we should all be shooting for.  What are you planning this year?

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5th February 2014



This is such a cool idea but I can’t even imagine what it took to create something like this.  On one side of the record you have a song called, “Life”.  On the other a song called, “Death”.  When you play them both at the exact same time you get, “Duality”.  Check it out because it sounds pretty great to me.

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31st January 2014


IWatch Concept by Todd Hamilton

I haven’t been one to think the wearable tech was really the next level but this is incredible.  I know that Apple concepts are always on a different level than the final product but this really could be exciting.

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30th January 2014

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How To Be Productive
This is an awesome flowchart of the best productivity hacks you will find out there.  Such simple to read format that you could put almost anywhere to improve your life.  Take and look and tell me I am wrong.

How To Be Productive

This is an awesome flowchart of the best productivity hacks you will find out there.  Such simple to read format that you could put almost anywhere to improve your life.  Take and look and tell me I am wrong.

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29th January 2014

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The 80/20 Rule and Listening to Your Inner Procrastinator →

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28th January 2014


Great Infographic of Smart People
This is such a fun and interesting look at the good and bad of the smartest people in the world.  

Great Infographic of Smart People

This is such a fun and interesting look at the good and bad of the smartest people in the world.  

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27th January 2014


The Squito

This initially just looks like a lot of fun.  It is a tiny, baseball-sized set of cameras that produce images that otherwise would require tons of sophisticated equipment.  Some of the images are pretty wild and would make for a great gimmick but the video also shows some of the other applications for this product with a far more practical mind.  This could be wildly revolutionary for our ever photographed world.

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