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2nd May 2014


Kickstarter turns 5.  This is such a fun video and very inspiring to see what can become of a great idea and a couple people believing.

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27th April 2014


The Tim Ferriss Show →

For those of you that know and love Tim Ferriss (4 Hour Work Week/Body/Chef) this is a down and dirty discussion with Tim’s favorites.  Check out the show and hear about wine, investing, hacks, mushrooms and everything else you can imagine.  It is a fun and informal show that just goes wherever the conversation takes them.  This show is packed with information.

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26th April 2014



This company is doing great work and they will be needed more and more as we spread out over various devices.  They have engineered a way to allow all of your devices to operate as your personal cloud.  This means your files, photos, music, videos and documents will be available to you on any of your devices without having to “sync” your devices.  It is getting harder and harder these days to keep everything in the right place as you operate on so many different mediums.  This keeps everything available at your fingertips.  I am excited to see how this works with my life.  Stay tuned for updates.

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25th April 2014



This company is making huge headlines right now because it is locked in a legal battle with big time television broadcasters.  I scoured the inter-tubes to find a video that explains Aereo (because sadly, their marketing is lacking) and also describes the legal issues surrounding it.  Bloomberg to the rescue.  

Aereo could do for television what Napster did for music and don’t be surprised if this service is part of everyone’s conversation before too long.

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24th April 2014



I don’t fully understand how this works or what the complete implications could be for software like this but it seems incredible.  Dr. Eric Risser (Founder) has created an AI system with an imagination that could help create art on a grand scale by learning style and intent.  The video is amazing and if this technology were to catch and become popular animated video could be simplified dramatically.  Game creation could be revolutionized.  The company and the technology are in their early stages but the potential here is obvious.

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23rd April 2014



This is a great design on a very simple idea.  The founders (Josh Miller, Hursh Agrawal and Cemre Gungor) want to take the shouting match of online conversations and turn it into a dinner table chat.  It is free to sign up and very simple to use.  I would encourage everyone here to give it a shot and start having more meaningful conversations online.  This idea is banking on the notion that people aren’t satisfied from just screaming from the cheap seats or parsing every thought down to 140 characters.  Take the leap into a new exciting and more engaging cyber space.  I will see you there.

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22nd April 2014

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Silicon Valley

This is a new series on HBO and for anyone that wants to be an entrepreneur in tech it is must see TV.  It is a brand new series so there is still plenty of time to catch up with some of the funniest characters I have seen since Curb.  Enjoy it and learn from it because one day you will have to deal with these people too.

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21st April 2014

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This is an idea we have already looked at on The Cusp but it seems the Panono is just doing it a bit better than Squito.  The video of these photos are just incredible.  It is definitely a gimmick but one that creates some seriously stunning images.  Plus, when creative people get a hold of something like this you can imagine it is only going to get more impressive.

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20th April 2014


CES 2015

I know it still a long way away but registration is coming and I want all my friends to join me for the zenith of innovation.  Sound House will be at the Consumer Electronics Show to shake hands and rub elbows with the greats in technology.  Be there with us.

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19th April 2014

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Very recently I have been amazed by the burgeoning market of home automation.  It seems like this may be one of the largest areas of growth in the tech sector.  There are countless options right now but no clear leader.  Sadly most of it isn’t easy right now other than Hue and now, Nest.  Nest takes a household item that has long been forgotten and breathes new life into it.  It also does a great job of making home electronics look beautiful again.  When all these manufacturers finally get their act together so there is more consistency, we will all win.

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18th April 2014

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Neil Young created one of the most successful Kickstarter campaign ever with Pono.  This music player boasts better sound quality than any other digital player out there.  The sound quality is said to be 6X better than even lossless CDs.  This could be the ITunes killer for all the audiophiles out there.  Young enlisted many of his recording buddies for the video and special signed editions of the first run Ponos.  The market for music is still very alive for the right people and companies rarely lose when they bet on the fanatics of a tribe.  This is a spectacular idea and I look forward to hearing just how good Pono can be.  Let’s just hope they don’t screw it up with the music sales.

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17th April 2014


Protos Eyewear

This company is filling a really interesting space: completely custom tailored eyewear.  It seems that companies are working more and more to make every consumer item specialized for each individual user.  The sizing process is very simple and on their website you can see the entire process. From there they create your design specifically for your face and lifestyle.  Then a 3D printer makes your glasses as one of a kinds.  The crowd funding system seems to show this as a very popular idea as we all demand more unique products.

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16th April 2014



This app is a great example of a small change to a well known product to create something special.  It is a map just like any other of the many out there but it capitalizes on the many others using the app to give you information about your routes.  It is a brilliant change to a standard idea.  Google has shown it’s faith in Waze’s ways by putting 1.15 Billion dollars behind the company last year.

Read more about the current moves from this company here.

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15th April 2014


Google Glass

For today only become one of the first owners of Google Glass for only $1500.  There are a variety of different styles and colors.  They even have Glass attached to stylish glasses for those of us with bad eyes.  Get it now and become a part of the next technological revolution.

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18th March 2014

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My Social Book

This ad popped up on my Facebook and I was immediately intrigued.  The website is incredibly easy to use and gives you looks into your book almost instantly.  This was a ton of fun and even though it carries a pretty hefty price tag I could see this idea catching fire pretty quickly.  Create your own to take a look.

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